Marital Infidelity

The subject of marital infidelity is never an easy one to discuss. But when you are committed to knowing the truth, InvestiGate is here to provide you with answers. Understanding the sensitivity of this issue, IDA investigators will listen to all of your suspicions, concerns and requests with the objective to discreetly seek answers and evidence.

In addition to photographic and video evidence, IDA also uses GPS data to document movement of the suspected partner. Time stamped data logs of location and movement are also provided to create an airtight case of infidelity if litigation is pursued.

In the event your situation goes to trial, IDA will work with your attorney to provide any necessary information or evidence for use in the courtroom.

Learning the truth regarding an unfaithful partner can be an incredible emotional challenge for any person

Despite how hard it can be to face the truth of partner infidelity, you owe it to yourself to be completely prepared to tackle what might be the most emotional and financial challenge of your life.

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