Counter Surveillance

With the increased availability of inexpensive bugging devices from suppliers, no home or business establishment is safe from electronic eavesdropping, phone taps, hidden cameras or other forms of electronic surveillance

Spouses are routinely tapping and recording the conversations of their spouses and installing super-small cameras to record intimate events. The products of these recordings can be conveniently  used when appropriate with devastating results. A trip to Radio Shack might enable a spouse to listen to intimate conversations from a distant location. Inexpensive cameras with amazing capabilities can now be imbedded in the most inconspicuous  locations. In fact, our investigations use this type of equipment constantly.

More sophisticated bugging equipment is normally used by knowledgeable installers to capture visual and audible information from within corporate offices and plants.

Don’t only become aware of electronic surveillance when documentation is used against you or confidential information is subvertly used in sabotage efforts. The last place you need to find that you have been bugged is when photographs or audible recordings are presented in court.

IDA continually uses the very latest  counter surveillance equipment available from the foremost manufacturers from around the world. At the same time, IDA monitors the continued releases of surveillance equipment that is being distributed for subversive uses.

IDA can perform a threat assessment of phone lines, eavesdropping transmitters, hidden cameras and listening devices using the latest counter surveillance equipment in the hands of an electronic surveillance specialist.

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