Construction Liability

There are few things more heartbreaking than investing your family’s future in a new home, only to later discover you’ve been grossly misled by the seller, realtor or contractor. Obviously, most purchasers aren’t experts in home construction and can’t easily notice issues and damage in a home. Too often, you take the word of a contractor or seller to your detriment and loss.

InvestiGate has many years of experience in building construction, building codes and home related litigation. We will fully and scientifically document the defects and conditions of your new home that directly violate building codes and acceptable construction standards.

After a purchase, one often finds what is suspected to be health hazards, mold, radon, lead, asbestos, etc. on the property. However, before damages can be recovered, an investigation with documented findings must be preserved. Our experts can complete a litigation package for your attorney which may enhance your prospects of legal recovery.

Let IDA determine whether or not there is certifiable evidence supporting your suspicions or concerns. With our support team of microbiologists, medical experts and environmental laboratories, let us provide the causation link between the hazard and physical illnesses.

Discuss your construction and building concerns with us at no cost.