Child Custody

Legal issues involving children are typically delicate ones; matters of child custody, child neglect, child abuse, unfit parents and potential endangerment are serious issues that must be handled professionally and discreetly.

Child custody investigation are a highly specialized type of investigation that require discretion and the element of surprise to be truly effective. Placing a child custody investigation in the hands of an amateur runs the risk of the spouse being tipped off to the investigation, allowing them to alter their public behavior enough to avoid legal consequences.

In order to secure your rights and have your child removed from a dangerous environment, an extensive and professional investigation is necessary to obtain the documentation required for a legal case.

The necessary evidence can be obtained through IDA surveillance, background checks, witness interviews and a certified report supported by documentation.

Child custody battles always involve a great deal of emotional strain on the children involved. A thorough child custody investigation with strong evidence will often prevent a drawn out custody battle that emotionally damages the child and incurs high attorney costs.

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