Background Checks

Protect your business or institution as an employer with the use of accurate background information on potential employees. An IDA background investigation will let you know the character, experience and background of every employee.

Are you considering promoting or re-assigning an existing employee? Use the resources that InvestiGate provides to gain insight into an individual’s financial standing, credit history and past employment experiences in similar positions. The character and decision making of your employees is critical to the success of your company – let IDA help you understand the people you’ve entrusted with your business..

Offered Services

  • Criminal history
  • Convictions/felonies
  • Sex offenses
  • Credential validation
  • Education background
  • Motor-vehicle conviction check (entire U.S. history)

It is important to note, all IDA investigations are completely within the parameters of applicable laws.

Allow IDA to provide a wall of protection by retaining raw employee information collected in our files and providing only a clearance form for your files. This system prevents invasion of privacy by curious HR employees. All raw data is personally examined in its entirety for indicators which signal the necessity of further investigation. Only after our investigators are satisfied as to the completeness and accuracy of the data is a clearance form submitted to your HR department.

With most on-line services, information is simply pulled from databases with no analysis by anyone. It may or may not be accurate, complete or applicable. A lack of negative information on a given individual is often deemed to be a clean record. This is flawed assurance! Proper background investigations never really on a single source – that is why InvestiGate checks with multiple sources to ensure a complete picture of the individual.

Confidentially discuss your needs with IDA. We will design a system specific to your business and provide a free written proposal designed to meet your criteria.